Prospective Tenants

To be considered for one of our rental properties, please fill out the on-line application or call our leasing agent today! You will be asked to provide the following:

  • Copy of Driver’s License or Valid State ID
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of Current Lease
  • Copy of CURRENT Utility Bill with your name and your Current Address on it
  • Copy of Two Concurrent Paycheck Stubs OR Written Proof of Income
  • Written Proof of any Additional Income, including any supplemental Income
  • Pet Application (if applicable)

Only Choice PM  screening criteria is as follows:

  • Applicant must pay the non-refundable application fee of $45 per adult
  • The applicants must net 2.5 times the amount of rent
  • The applicants must have no evictions within the last 5 years or currently be in eviction status
  • The applicants must provide 3 years of stable verifiable rental history from previous landlords
  • The applicants must not owe any previous rental debt, rent or damages
  • The applicants must not have outstanding debt with any utility company
  • The applicants must not have any violent or sexual criminal charges or active pending cases. This is at the discretion of Only Choice PM  to accept anyone with a felony charge.
  • The applicants will have their credit screened based off of content not credit score. A history of not being financially responsible and making payments on time will result in being declined.
  • Home visit of the applicants current residents  will be conducted upon pending approval
  • Based off of previous rental or credit history, 1st and last months rent and or a higher security deposit may be required
  • Approved applicants must pay all applications fees, security deposits, prorated rent and 1st months rent prior to lease signing and receiving keys.
  • Applicants must provide confirmation that all utilities have been transferred into their name prior to lease signing or receiving keys

If  Applicant does not have previous/current landlords, THREE references must be   provided.

  • You  may  be  asked  to  provide  additional  Proof  Of  Income  (i.e.  Bank  Statements,  W-­2’s,  Tax  Returns,  etc)
  • You  may  be  asked  to  provide  additional  Proof  Of  Payment  History  and/or  Adequate  Credit  Standing.



This  may  not  be  a  complete  list  of  requirements.    All rents,  fees,  deposits  and  information  are  subject  to  change   without  notice.  All Properties  Are  “AS -­­ IS.”

Application  Fees  are  not  refundable  for  any  reason.  You  will  be  notified  approximately  3-5 days after submission  regarding  the  status  of  your   application.  


If  you  have  any  questions,  please  contact  us at 816-237-8668.


Thank you for taking time to view our website!

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