Owner Services

Only Choice Property Management specializes in properties throughout greater Kansas City and surrounding areas. We provide a system to efficiently and effectively manage the life cycle of investment properties. Whether an investor is in need of acquisition, rehabilitation, marketing, leasing, maintenance, eviction or disposition of their investment property, Only Choice PM has processes to meet an owner’s needs. We take full accountability and responsibility for preserving the property’s value and generating monthly income to our owner’s. Only Choice PM will meet your property management needs.

Only Choice PM provides superb acquisition services to our clients. Our experience and knowledge in local markets allows us to focus on and use our ten plus years of experience in the Kansas and Missouri real estate investment markets to find the right properties for owners and the right tenants for our properties.  Whether the owner desires rent ready properties or is looking for distressed properties and through the rehabilitation process have not only the property increase in value, but also quickly market and lease the property after rehab is completed.

Only Choice PMhas an aggressive marketing strategy and streamlined leasing processes in place to get your property filled quickly with qualified tenants. Only Choice PM uses quality photography to market a property, which is key to catching the eye of a potential tenant. We use over 40 web sites to quickly get the property in front of potential tenants.  Our leasing agents maintain a client list that constantly provides potential tenants for new properties.  Only Choice PM leverages its team of leasing agents and property managers to develop marketable rental rates based on their experience in the market.  The ability to set a marketable but the highest rental rates is key to getting a property rented.  We all know every day a property is vacant results in loss of income and Only Choice PM’s goal is to eliminate vacancies.

Only Choice PM leasing processes are thorough. We perform criminal, credit and background checks on everyone in the home over age 18.  Employment verification is completed and five years of past rental history are verified. We do a home visit to ensure they are a tenant that preserves the value of the owner’s investment property. A quality tenant results in on time rent payment and protection of the owner’s property. Once the property is leased, Only Choice PM manages the move in process to ensure the property is ready for occupancy and tenants are satisfied with the property. Only Choice PM provides monthly rent collection and late payments are reported to our property managers to quickly resolve the issue with tenants. We also offer eviction services in the event that at tenant can no longer meet their rental obligation. Only Choice PM will handle the eviction process swiftly and initiate the legal steps necessary to collect rents and evict tenants.  Our team is knowledgeable in state and local landlord and tenant laws to ensure the entire eviction process is handled appropriately and does not require the owner to be burdened.

Routine inspections are crucial for ensuring tenants are maintaining the property and also making sure there is no maintenance needed. Maintenance is a necessary expense in property management and PPM uses quantity efficiencies with vendors and developed relationships to provide 24/7 response and resolution to urgent maintenance issues. An online account portal allows you to access your account anytime. The web based portal allows you to keep updated on all property activity, including vacancies, leasing, maintenance, inspections, and financial reports which leads to better tracking and effective management.

Only Choice PM will match our services to the specific needs of the individual owner, thus providing effective and efficient property lifecycle management for owners. Property Management services is a necessary imperative in today’s world and Only Choice PM is the company to use in the KC Metro area.